Here’s a fun little poem I wrote camping a couple of years ago.

Sitting at the campground 
Birds and squirrels all on the ground
Not many people to be found
Everyone’s still sleeping sound
Sipping on my coffee
Breeze blowing through the trees
Birds singing a melody
The lake view right in front of me
Enjoying this peaceful time
Texting a friend of mine
Feeling sweet sunshine
Letting my brain drop some rhymes
Son is fishing, worm on hook
I’m bout to read a good book
Then at some work take a look
Then get dinner ready to cook
Watch the kids play all day
Can’t wait till husband’s on his way
A few more days we get to stay
Take the boat on the lake and play
Camping is a lot of fun
The neighbors, water, peace, and sun
We love it, every single one
And now my camping rhyme is done

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