Call to Prayer

The first Wednesday of every month, our congregation has a special service we call Uplift instead of having our usual Bible study classes. It’s different every month. We might have a song service, or a special lesson, or a prayer service, which is what we did this past Wednesday.

With the situation in Ukraine, the leadership decided we should have a prayer service. We alternated singing songs and having different men lead prayers. We prayed for the soldiers. We prayed for the citizens. We prayed for the families, for the government and political leaders, and for the church. We prayed for Ukraine, for Russia, and for the other countries that are/will be/might be involved or affected.

I hope that you will join us in continuing to pray. We are God’s soldiers, fighting not with man-made weapons, but with the Spirit and Word of God. Our Commander is not a lowly man, but the Creator of the Universe, the Commander of Heaven’s armies. We are warriors against the evil in this world, and we have the power of the Almighty behind us, in front of us, beside us.

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