But Even Now

Last night in our ladies’ class, LeAnne had a lesson on hope, and talked about “Doubting Thomas”, John the Baptist, referenced back to Isaiah – we were kind of all over. But there was one phrase, which she didn’t even read, that I noticed (and happened to already have underlined) that really stood out to me, especially with the way the last couple of weeks have been.

John 11:22 – “But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask.”

Martha’s brother had died. Been “in his grave” for 4 days at this point. It actually just now hit me that if he’s been in his tomb for 4 days, he’d possibly actually been dead a day or two longer than that, allowing time for preparation of his body for burial. Regardless, he was sho nuf dead. We aren’t told what kind of sickness he had, but we do know that Jesus was aware of it before Lazarus died, yet delayed his journey there. Now, we know that the purpose of this was for Jesus to show His power over death, but at this point, the people who knew Him had only seen Him heal sickness. So Martha says in John 11:21, “Lord, if only You had been here, my brother would not have died.” But look what she goes on to say in verse 22: “But even now I know that God will give You whatever You ask.” Martha believed in Jesus. She knew that in all things, God was with Him.

God is still with us. Though Jesus no longer physically walks the earth with us, He has given us His words and His Spirit. “But even now”, He is with us.

No matter how bad things are
Whatever we are going through
Wherever we are
Whatever is happening
Whatever we are in the middle of
How deep our sorrow
or despair
or weariness
No matter how hurt or angry or sick
In the deepest pits
In the strongest chains
In the darkest night
When we feel alone
-But even now.
He is the good
He is with us
He is our Victor and our Savior
Our Lord and King
He brings joy and restoration and healing
He offers grace and mercy
He brings peace and hope 
He is our balm
He is our light
He is our friend
-Even now


  1. “But even NOW!!” Wow, such a powerful word of encouragement for me personally, right now, thanks Corri! 😊

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