Brain Fry

Y’all….this is me today.

I don’t know if it’s the crazy week I had last week, that has continued into this one. Or lack of sleep. Or just life in general. I’m just fried y’all. The puzzle pieces ain’t fitting together. There’s too much going on up there, and I just want to run.

I even sat and wrote a pity poem earlier that I probably won’t share. Bc no one likes a pity party.

Anyway. I thought someone else might be feeling the same way. It seems to be going around. I feel like I should have some witty comment or words of wisdom or encouragement, but I got nothing today but brain fatigue.

In God’s true providential nature, the Bible verse on the bottom of the notebook page I wrote my poem on was Isaiah 40:31.

He’s reminding me no matter how tired or overwhelmed I get, He is there and just waiting on me to trust Him with it all. I don’t have to carry anything alone, and some things I am just not supposed to carry at all anyway. As long as I keep trusting in Him and trying my best, everything will eventually fall into place and work itself out. Not only that, but He will revive my soul and give me peace.

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