Boy Brag

This is gonna be a short one. I just wanted to take a minute to brag on these two fine fellas.

If you read my last post, you will know that several of our youth were in an awful accident Wednesday evening. We gave Tyler and Troy the option to go to the hospital with us or to stay at the church building and catch a ride home with someone. They both opted to go to the hospital to be there for their friends. This was the first time either of them has ever had to deal with anything traumatic, at least to this extent, but they both handled it well. They showed love and support, staying to the very end to wait on scan results with two of the girls. These boys were at the hospital for well over 5 hours, till right at midnight, pushing close to 1 am getting in the bed.

The next day they had promised to work cows with their pawpaw, so they were both up and out the door shortly after 6 to meet him at the shop for a morning full of helping him and the vet do all sorts of fun and exciting bovine chores.

Last night, they decided to do something nice for their non-hospitalized friends and went and picked them up a surprise at the store and delivered them and stayed for a visit to try to make them feel better.

Today, they loaded up with us (and the girls) and made the trip to Birmingham to visit their other friend and her parents at the hospital. We had a good visit, and it seemed to cheer them all up a little. Thankfully she seems to be doing much better and will hopefully get to come home soon!

It just makes me feel good as a mom to think maybe I’m doing something right to raise young men who are so loving, compassionate, and thoughtful. Even when they felt awkward or didn’t know what to say or do, they were there and made effort and did the best they knew, in every situation, whether it was being there for their friends or helping their pawpaw. It gives me hope that they, and their sisters, will grow up to be the kind of people who will contribute to the betterment of the world around them, showing the love of Jesus to others.

*mom brag over*

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