If you know me, you know I love: 1) sitting around a campfire; 2) staying up late; 3) good conversation.

Which is why I love our barn so much. We have people over fairly regularly, most weeks on Sunday evenings for fun, food, and fellowship, but there is rarely a week that goes by that there isn’t at least one other day we have someone come hang out. And I love it all.

I love the big gatherings where our family and friends come together. We prepare meals together. The kids run around playing and no one has to worry about them, and everyone shares the responsibility of looking after them. Sometimes friend bring friends, and we get to introduce people we don’t even know to “barn night”. We make music, both playing instruments and with our voices only. We talk about life, and laugh and commiserate together.

I also love the nights when there is only one other person, or one other family, and we are able to share more intimate conversation. Spending time getting to know each other better and digging deeper into life. Sharing stories and experiences to draw closer and support one another. Rediscovering why these are “our people”, and learning more about them.

To me, this is what life as a Christian is all about. Showing love to one another. Spending time with one another. Being there for each other. Letting our lights shine and our spirits burn for Jesus. You don’t have to know all the “rules”. You don’t have to be perfect. (Face it, none of us know it all or follow it all perfectly.) You just have to be willing to accept and show the love of Christ. If we do that, everything else is going to naturally fall into place. My barn (and my home and my heart) are always available. It’s an open invitation. Although I do suggest calling first, just in case we aren’t home. 😉 My prayer is that while you are here, you will always feel love, both mine and Jesus’s. Conversation may be great, it may be hard, it may even be dry. But the love will be here.

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