A Day of Rest and Renewal

I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this, but we’re busy people over here at the Johnson house. There is always somewhere to be or something that has to be done.

Last week was a particularly long and busy week. Not a bad week, just long and busy. So with nothing on our calendar but an out-of-town birthday party (sorry we missed it, Tate!), we decided to leave it that way. We decided we didn’t want to be on anyone’s schedule but our own, and only do the things we wanted to do (while still dealing with one or two work related issues, because let’s face it – with out jobs, it’s inevitable).

So we had a fun family day. We slept in. Jeremy cooked brunch out in the barn with Esther’s help while I prepared ribs to put on the smoker. Y’all, when I tell you I was lazy…..I didn’t even read or crochet. I just sat and enjoyed being and watching the kids. They swung and drew with chalk, played music and games and played with animals. Jeremy helped them put together a pen for Audrey’s baby pig. One of our cousins whose wife is out of town came by for a while. And it was just a chill day. A much needed, unanimously enjoyed, easygoing day.

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