Bad Signal?

Does this describe how you feel right now, too?

I said this to a group of friends a while back about a particular subject, and one of them answered back with, “Amen, Corri! That’s how I feel about everything right now! I used to tell God I needed Him to write the answers He’s giving me in sharpie on my bedroom ceiling. He never did. 🤷🏼‍♀️”

And I thought, yes, sister!

I know it’s hard. Life gets murky, and we don’t like murky water because we can’t see what’s in there. We don’t know what to be prepared for. And sometimes we just can’t figure out which direction it is God wants us to go. But you know what He tells us to do? Be still. Just be still and listen.

Remember the story in 1 Kings 19? Where did Elijah hear God?

In the delicate whisper.

Sometimes we get caught up in the noise of the world. And we wait for God to shout about it all.

And sometimes He does.

But sometimes He’s been there all along, whispering words of love and wisdom to us. We just didn’t take the time to stop and listen.

Yes, the signal may be a little fuzzy. (Maybe you need to adjust your antenna!) The message may be a little hard to understand.

But I promise He’s there.

Waiting for you to be still and listen.

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