Has it seemed…

A little quiet around here? Maybe it’s been little while since you saw a new post? There’s a reason. For some unknown reason, my new posts keep glitching and throwing code, so I have decided to move the blog part of my website to Substack. You can find it here, at https://fearlessandjoyful.substack.com. This site will… Continue reading Has it seemed…

Camp and Jam!

I know. I’m behind. I still owe y’all the conclusion on 1 John, and Daniel and I also have started on Hebrews for our Tuesday morning studies. I missed a couple of Song Share Saturdays. And I still haven’t posted our vacation photos (sorry, mom). BUT We played for the first time on stage as… Continue reading Camp and Jam!

Never Forget

Any time tragedy strikes, it leaves a mark. What kind of mark has a lot of determining factors – the scope, the nature, the outcome, the collective response, your proximity. Just as many tragedies before, 9/11 left a mark on those who sent through it, those of us who remember it, those who were directly… Continue reading Never Forget

Rhythm vs. Balance

I was listening to a podcast earlier this week – Business and Babies with Ashely Schubert. The espisode I was listening to was called “Relationship is Everything”. She made a statement that really resonated with me. She was asked about how she balanced her work and home life, and she said something to the effect… Continue reading Rhythm vs. Balance

Saturday Song Share #21

Today is Audrey’s birthday! So I decided to let her pick the songs for today’s song share. Her favorite is “As the Deer”, which you can find here, since she had already picked it another time. So I asked her to pick two different ones to try to come up with a couple we haven’t… Continue reading Saturday Song Share #21