I Don’t Wanna Be a Pharisee

There’s a children’s Bible song that goes something like: “I don’t wanna be a Pharisee‘Cause a Pharisee ain’t fair, you see” (Honestly, I had to look it up, because we didn’t sing that one growing up – I just heard it from other people singing it after I got older.) The Pharisees did all the… Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Be a Pharisee


We just got back from the beach yesterday evening. (And yes, Mom, I will do a vacation post with pictures soon!) Every night, Jeremy and Audrey (and sometimes Troy) went out crab hunting. Now you know they are the critter-getters in this family. That is totally not my thing, although I am happy to take… Continue reading Water

Saturday Song Share #19

I’ve never been a bluegrass fan. I was always immensely impressed by the pickers’ skill on their instruments, because buddy, that takes talent and practice. But it was the singing. Just not my style, not what I enjoyed. Then my children decided they wanted to take music lessons and learn to play…..the banjo. The fiddle.… Continue reading Saturday Song Share #19

New Paths

If you are my personal Facebook friend, this is a cross post from yesterday. Every day has become a “double duty” day. (Even though it is more like quadruple once you add in homeschooling/co-op and regular housekeeping, not to mention any blog posts or the like). But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When we… Continue reading New Paths

Song Share Saturday #18

Got a text from my good buddy Jason yesterday out of nowhere saying, “Got you an old hymn for tomorrow.” So, here you go, Jason. A beautiful old hymn about how God is with us no matter what, always taking care of us. And since I was already using one friend’s suggestion, I figured both… Continue reading Song Share Saturday #18

Prayer Journaling

Back many moons ago – many many moons ago, like when I was still pregnant with Esther moons ago – I kept a prayer journal. I have a hard time sometimes focusing when I pray, and writing out what I wanted to pray for helped me keep my head in the game. It is also… Continue reading Prayer Journaling

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How did you spend, or at least picture spending, your 20th anniversary? This is how mine is going at 9:30 pm. We managed to spend part of the morning together, because I didn’t have to be at my office meeting until 10, and he played hooky for the first part of the morning. We spent… Continue reading Twentiversary

Send the Light

When Jason sent me the song list for this past Sunday, I glanced over it and was glad to see that I recognized all of them and didn’t have to work on learning anything new (because the past few weeks have been WHEW!) So, I thought I was 1000% prepared when I arrived for praise… Continue reading Send the Light