Alabaster Jar

As one of my favorite book characters, Peniel, says, “I love a good story.” I will read literally almost anything. One of my favorite things to do (and many other people get more invested than I, apparently, according to the amount of fanfic and reddit posts out there) is to wonder what-if and how’d-it-happen. What… Continue reading Alabaster Jar

Remember Who You Are

This week’s “thought question” presented to our congregation as we took communion together was: How might not “taking” or “using” the Lord’s name in vain relate to communion? For a little backstory: We have been working through the 10 commandments in our Sunday morning service. We are currently on the third one, to not take… Continue reading Remember Who You Are

Spring is Springing

Ah, spring. The time of year when we look for new growth. And it is getting so close! The winter has been long and dreary. It always makes me want to hibernate with coffee, books, and blankets and not come out until winter is over. By this time, I am tired of cold, dead, and… Continue reading Spring is Springing

Fresh Air and Friendship

I’m a firm believer that humans need fresh air and sunshine to thrive. So I was ecstatic this past weekend when our temperatures were in the upper 70s and the sun was smiling down at us! After many days of cold and rain, this girl was ready to spend some time outdoors! We had company… Continue reading Fresh Air and Friendship

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Call to Prayer

The first Wednesday of every month, our congregation has a special service we call Uplift instead of having our usual Bible study classes. It’s different every month. We might have a song service, or a special lesson, or a prayer service, which is what we did this past Wednesday. With the situation in Ukraine, the… Continue reading Call to Prayer

Pile to Purpose

A couple of years ago, I made blankets for my girls for Christmas. I got a big box in the mail, full of yarn to crochet with. As I was looking at the pile of yarn in the box, I thought, it probably seems like a big jumbled mess to anyone else who might look… Continue reading Pile to Purpose

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