19 and Counting

So, it’s official. Today, I have been married to my sweet husband as many years as I hadn’t been.

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. He’s not one for big sappy posts or whatever, but I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love this man.

Father’s Day this year

I am pretty sure God made this man just for me. He’s hard-working, God-loving, more than slightly goofy. A wonderful role model for our children. Loves me even when I’m being crazy. I’m not sure what he saw in me 20 years ago, but I’m sure glad I managed to catch his attention.

Just babies!

In true Corri fashion, a couple of years ago I wrote a song parody about us. Thought I would drop it here for your enjoyment.

I love you, darlin’!

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